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2022 CSPD ANNUAL MEETING in Scottsdale, AZ
Bundle of Programs

Purchase all 8 2022 Scottsdale Annual Meeting Programs for a 20% discount of $103 or total of $412.
This one price includes 8 programs totaling 15 CEUs for $412


Or buy them individually.

If you did not attend the live virtual Annual Meeting,  you can
purchase bundled access to
the recorded lectures.

Purchase all 8 programs for a 20% discount or $400
(That one price comprises 8 programs totaling 11.5 CEUs
Including 7 CEUs of Sedation Courses)


Purchase only the 7 CEUs of Sedation Programs for $250


Purchase individual programs as needed

2021 CSPD/WSPD Annual Meeting Bundle of Programs





Purchase 7 CEUs of Sedation Programs from 2021 CSPD/WSPD Annual Meeting




Buy all four Dr Lenhart Sedation Courses totaling 7.5 CEUs



Buy all Four Dr. Rothman Sedation Courses totaling 7.5 CEUs