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As health professionals our personal mindset and well-being is imperative when caring for others. If not, burnout is around the corner. Just because we can walk, talk and engage in daily functions, it does not mean we are in the best of health. In fact, as healthcare professionals we may have unintentionally designed a lifestyle which may not align with our physiology and/or genetics. For instance, the daily stresses of running a practice, managing employees, managing patients, and meeting the needs of our families may leave us in a time famine for self. Meaning not having adequate time for selfcare. Long-term engagement in such a strenuous lifestyle will reliably take its toll on the body, influence its physiology, lead to development of pathology and ultimately chronic diseases.

Chronic lifestyle diseases such as insulin resistance, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and auto-immune issues are on the rise. How we live has a huge impact on the genesis of these chronic diseases. The knowledge of “epigenetics” is in many ways a message of hope. We have control over the environmental factors that influence disease processes. So, no matter where we are in our lifecycle and no matter what our medical resume reads, know that lifestyle can make a difference. The speaker will discuss the WHY, WHAT, WHEN and HOW around the lifestyle factors. She will provide self-care hygiene tips that one can incorporate the next day to positively influence your personal well-being and vitality.

Educational Objectives:

At the completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Develop a new mindset in behavior management incorporate techniques presented to assist in treating patients with more difficult needs
  • Understand how and when to optimally use distraction techniques
  • Understand and incorporate concepts of minimally invasive dentistry

CE Credit Units:

1.5 CEU

Level of skill recommended for participants:

Of interest to Dentists, Students & Residents, Dental Auxiliaries and Dental Office Staff

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  • Category Well Being
  • Lecture Length 90 minutes
  • Original Release Date April 1, 2022
  • Review Date April 1, 2022
  • Expiration Date April 1, 2025

Course Materials Content

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CSPD Instructor

Instructor Info:

Pernima Hernandez, DDS – a board-certified pediatric dentist and behavior analyst who has been serving the communities of New York and New Jersey for over 25 years. Dr. Hernandez received her education in Pediatric Dentistry at Columbia University College of Dental medicine. After serving as an Assistant Professor for many years in the department of Pediatric dentistry she decided to pursue a career in the clinical practice of pediatric dentistry. In 2005 she established her own office in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. She then pursued a master’s in applied Behavior Analysis from Caldwell University, New Jersey. While she delivers care to all children, her special interests are treating children with special healthcare needs, behavioral disorders and phobias. To better understand the lifestyle factors and how they influence health, she completed Functional Medicine training at IFM. She continued her journey to become a certified health and wellness coach from the FMCA and is currently in the process of taking the national boards.

Knowledge from these disciplines allow her to take a whole body and patient centered approach to promote wellness in the children she serves. She is excited to create awareness of healthy lifestyles though her new venture Lifestylist for Kids.

Dr. Hernandez was awarded the Dr Solomon Rosenstein Visiting Professorship and Fellowship by the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine for her contribution to the field of special needs dentistry. She was also awarded the Francis Black Humanitarian award in health care by Friends Health Connection, an award that recognizes individuals from New Jersey’s health care facilities who are an extraordinary inspiration to others.

Instructor Disclosure of any conflicts of interest:

Speaker has declared no conflicts of interest.

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